Hailey Bieber WON’T Address This..(CONCERNING)

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Hailey Bieber WON’T Address This..(CONCERNING) thoughts?! let me know in the comments! #HaileyBieber #Rhode #SpillPlug

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Hailey Bieber WON’T Address This..(CONCERNING)
Hailey Bieber WON’T Address This..(CONCERNING)
Hailey Bieber WON’T Address This..(CONCERNING)
Hailey Bieber WON’T Address This..(CONCERNING)
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2023-11-30 04:47:31

This can happen with any and all products, not just Rhode. Cosmetic use products do not require a warning label for allergies, by FDA law. It really should be changed, but crapping on one brand isn’t gonna change anything, as it isn’t a legal requirement.
Consumers need to learn to read labels, and properly make sure the product is safe for them. Yes, it’s an issue, and yes FDA should change that law for labeling. But it’s also on consumers to check as well, especially if you have serious allergy issues.

2023-11-29 16:34:39

Why do the keep buying it???

2023-11-28 21:36:32

The real issue here is actually an FDA standard failure. Did you know that the FDA doesn't require common food allergens to be legally disclosed on cosmetic products? They could literally slap the top 10 allergens in there and not have to label them (apart from listing them as ingredients) because there's no legal impetus to do so.
This is just a repeat of the EOS lip balm scandal where they used tree nuts and didn't specifically label them (because they legally don't have to) and ended up getting sued because people had terrible allergic reactions.

TLDR: hailey should add labelling as a courtesy but the FDA needs to get its shit together.

2023-11-28 13:00:51

Never buy anything from celebrities they don’t use SKIN CARE like this, they have a lot of money to get skin treatment by doctors is so an scam.

2023-11-27 17:20:23

It says it on the ingredients list😂, maybe yal should look into every ingredient before buying?, it’s not her fault yal didn’t look up the ingredients. 🤷🏻‍♀️ if yal did research yal would know what they ment.

2023-11-27 16:05:59

this is a long ass video for how little has been said in it

2023-11-27 13:12:14

😂 Cancel hayley bieber, she's only playing with his money and she'll never make a million dollars from her Make up
She's hardly a high fashion model I only see her model the own 😂 Sorry you're not Selena, you will never be selena. You should give up and find your own path

2023-11-27 08:10:20

you know Hailey Beiber doesn't use Rhode. nuff said

2023-11-27 04:49:50

Looks like someone dunked her face in a bowl of cooking oil😂😂😂

2023-11-25 19:53:52

Ladies and gentlemen. The act of karam playing out in front of our very eyes 😅" im not saying she deserved but gods timing is always right "

2023-11-25 00:47:21

mold always grows on lip stuff caps. thats why you're supposed to wipe them out a lot lol. i highly doubt it was made to order, so who knows how long ot was sitting on a shelf. i still dont like hailey tho.

2023-11-24 22:40:03

Everything she touch turns to 💩

2023-11-24 20:18:04

How is she not getting sued…

2023-11-24 19:28:54

She‘s sooo ignorant in every matter, using company names that don‘t belong to her, refusing to correctly label the ingredients, still parking on spaces for disabled people, …. I mean she’s a mess. 🤡

2023-11-24 16:17:04

It's just rubbish 😂

2023-11-24 15:29:26

Please stop buying from influencers and celebrities, Specially beauty products and make up that can actually be harmful. These people just want the pay check, they didn't have hands on creating the product or made sure it's safe, they really want the cheapest products so they can makr their millions.

2023-11-24 12:39:31

I just dont get it, this allergy situation is very serious and ofourse you want your brand to do best, why not add a simple warning?

2023-11-24 12:15:38

The FDA is the Government Body that is SUPPOSED to STEP in on The Rhode Lip Balms not stating that there is NUTS in the Product.

If these people really were concerned they would CONTACT the FDA & FILE a LAWSUIT. Because if you actually have a Nut Allergy based on American Laws YOU could be VERY RICH😎💅🏿

2023-11-24 12:11:56

My QUESTION is WHY are these people who ALLERGENS, not CHECKING the INGREDIENTS LABELS no matter what.

Therefore if you can't tell if You may be ALLERGIC. You should NOT be BUYING said product. That is COMMON SENSE.

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